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What were the contributions of Pasteur, Koch et al. to our understanding of infectious disease?

German doctor Robert Koch and French chemist Louis Pasteur are two scientists which have played the biggest role in our understanding of infectious disease.

Until the middle of the 19th century most people believed in the theory of spontaneous generation; that is living organisms came into existence directly from non living material. Pasteur disagreed with this theory and through his famous experiment (Pasteur's Experiment) disapproved this theory and proved all living organisms are produced from other living organisms. This discovery greatly increased our understanding of infectious diseases, for it could now be assumed diseases did not spontaneously form inside the body. Based on the earlier work of German scientist Jacob Henle and his theory that: disease are caused by micro organisms, Pastuer was able to develop the germ theory of disease. The germ theory stated that most diseases are caused by microorganisms that invade the body and continually reproduce.

In the 1870's Robert Koch tested Pasteur's findings, he found that a particular type of bacteria caused the disease anthrax.Through his development of techniques to grow micro-organism outside a hosts body using agar inside a dish his lab assistent invented called a "petri dish" he was able to show that different microorganism produced different diseases. koch's work with anthrax and inavative techniques to grow microorganism outside the host body not only re enforced pastuers beliefs but also sparked world wide intrests to identify more specific disease causing microorganism, ushering in a new era of modern science and medicine .

After these disoveries by Koch and fame brought to his homeland germany, Pastuer wanted to regain his original glory for himself and france. His determination to better Koch lead pastuer to developing the first vaccine known to man. Pastuer discovered that the micro organism causing the disease chicken cholera could be heated to a certain point which then would only cause a mild case of the disease, with this he also discovered once infected with the mild case, chickens became immune to any further contractions of the disease. Using this pastuer was able to administer the heat affected disease into chickens which saved them from future cholera effectivly creating the first vaccine.

Wih the help of discoervies by Koch, Pastuer not only disocvered what caused diseases but he also ushered in a modern era of vaccine to counter the effects of many infectious diseases.

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