1. Explain why Gregor Mendel is often referred to as the father of Genetics
2. Describe the experiments carried out by Mendel. Your answer should include his choice of organism and why this choice was critical to his success, and how his work shows successful scientific technique.
3. One of Mendel's first experiments involved crossing a true-breeding tall pea plant with a true-breeding dwarf pea plant. He then crossed two of the offspring. Draw a flow chart to show each of these crosses and outline how Mendel explained these results.
4. Discuss the publication of Mendel's work, how it was received at the time and why it was eventually recognised 30 years after its publication.
5. Define genotype and phenotype
6. What do the terms heterozygous and homozygous mean?
7. Define allele and gene using examples to illustrate your answer.
8. Use an example of dominant and recessive alleles to explain phenotype